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Find Your Way to Lead Through Story

A Practical Inquiry into the Power of Your Narrative 

We tell stories to see what happens next.

That's the mission of Signal Hill. It's also our practice: Every day we witness the power of narrative to change the world.

No doubt you've caught a glimpse of this power, too. That's why you're here. And it's why you're ready to lead through story.

So let us show you how. Book this workshop for your organization today. 

Signal Hill founder Daniel Pryfogle leads this unique workshop, a practical inquiry into the power of narrative to inspire team members, form culture, guide strategy, shape products and services, and engage customers — to lead through story. (For a brief intro to this concept, check out our entertaining animated series.)

In most organizations story is a digression or an afterthought. It's a downstream activity that follows the more important tasks upstream, like strategy and policy and decision-making. It's a soft skill not suited to the hard stuff; feel-good but not a force for change.

Yet anyone who has experienced genuine leadership knows how vital story is. Indeed, if you have ever allowed yourself to be guided by story, or felt the surge of energy because of story, or witnessed how an audience, a marketplace or even a mountain is moved by story, then you know something else: You know that story is the greatest power of humanity, and therefore the most important dimension of organizational life and leadership.

Give yourself time to explore your story and you'll also get this:

  • An alternative theory of change that locates the motivation for transformation in people's innate desire to make meaning, i.e. to find and frame their lives in story;
  • An introduction to narrative practices that help leaders and teams clarify what drives the enterprise and creates culture;
  • A fresh take on customer engagement through narrative marketing;
  • A hands-on creative experience to map out the direction of your story;
  • And inspiration to lead a different way.

Bring this workshop to your organization. Contact us today to learn more. 

Check for the next scheduled workshop in Happenings.

About the Facilitator

Daniel Pryfogle is an award-winning communicator and thoughtful explorer of the frontiers of leadership and organizational life. He is the founder of Signal Hill and Senior Correspondent, a digital news venture that amplifies the voices of older adults for the good of society. Trained as a journalist, ordained as a minister, and baptized in business as an entrepreneur, Daniel delights in accompanying leaders as they discover and act on the power of story. He has taught in the Duke University Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management and the Nollau Institute for faith-rooted leaders. Learn more about Daniel here.